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    Check out this project from one of IGTM's supporters

    Hey Everyone, 

    This author, James Holder, supported IGTM very very early in the process. In fact, he was one of the original supporters slated to have a game trailer in the credits.  Unfortunately timelines conspired against that happening, but we wanted to share his latest Kickstarter project with you.

    The Project: 'Planet Oz - The Novel'
    "The Wizard of Oz re-imagined as a YA novel with cyborgs, mutants, and alien artifacts. Dorothy pilots a giant robot."

    It looks quite fun, and definitely worth checking out.  Please feel free to give it a look and consider supporting!


    IGTM Soundtrack now on CD!

    Good news: Our good friend, IGTM composer extrodinaire, Jim Guthrie has just released the Indie Game: The Movie soundtrack on CD - and it looks fantastic!

    So, now you can enjoy the sweet IGTM sounds of Jim via digital download, Vinyl LP and now CD.  Check it out here.

    Also just released, on CD, from Jim is the Sword & Sworcery Soundtrack.  If you haven't heard that album yet, please pick it up immediately!  So, so good.


    Click to read more ...


    This is kinda fantastic...

    This completely made our day!  A near shot-for-shot remake of the IGTM trailer by William, Jorge, and Davide, three Spanish programmers who made that as part of an internal hack-a-thon.  Good stuff!   Here's the original for reference:

    Thanks Guys!  Great Work!


    Two New Special Edition Tracks Released!

    Hey Everyone!

    Jim Guthrie, the film's rock star composer, just released two new previously unavailable tracks from the Special Edition of Indie Game: The Movie.

    Available over on bandcamp, the tracks include that wonderful remix of the main IGTM theme (Maybe You'll Get Some, Maybe You Won't) that was used in the Special Edition Trailer (below).  And, also available is the track 'Awesome' - which makes an appearance as the main score in Tommy's Epilogue (also included in the Special Edition of the film).

    You can pick up the tracks directly right here & here


    Indie Game: The Movie - Special Edition from IndieGame: The Movie on Vimeo.



    Tommy's Take on the New Steam Controller

    Yesterday, Tommy was over at the Valve offices and checked out the new Steam Machine controller, for a hand's on feedback session with Valve's engineers.  After the session, he wrote his thoughts up on his blog.  Check it out here.

    And if you happen to want more Tommy talking controls, you may want to check out this short we did a little while ago - it matches nicely with the article :)


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