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    Is the film available in any other languages?

    Yes.  Indie Game: The Movie is available in 20 subtitled languages at Arabic, Traditional Chinese, Czech, Dutch, English, French, German, Greek, Hebrew, Hungarian, Italian, Japanese, Portugese, Polish, Russian, Spanish, Swedish, Thai, Turkish, Ukrainian

    Courtesy of some wonderful volunteers from around the world. Big thanks to all of them!

    Do you have a ‘Non-swear’ or ‘Clean’ version?

    Yes.  It's available through

    Do you ship DVDs/Blu-ray internationally?

    Yes. The worldwide shipping costs are displayed in the PayPal transaction process.  It's not visible right from the beginning, but is added (and visible) once you begin the transaction.

    DVDs and Blu-ray are set to Region 0.

    What's so Special about the Special Edition?

    Short Answer:  A lot :)   

    Contains everything we wanted to put in the movie but couldn't fit.  In shooting this film, we accumulated over 300 hours of footage and interviewed many developers - the majority of whom ended up not fitting in the film. As a result we have a multitude of great stories and interesting moments that we couldn't share in the original film.  It was tragic.  But, not too tragic as it lead to the birth of IGTM Special Edition.

    The specific contents of this disc are still in flux, as we are still working on it.  But some of the announced featurettes and other details on the disc can be found here...

    Already announced pieces planned* for the Special Edition are...

    There is no set ship date for the Special Edition.  We want this to be the ultimate IGTM experience.  In fact, we're even still filming stuff to make it just that.  Basically, we want the Special Edition to be the last, content-packed word on this film.  So in terms of release date...'s done when it's done.
    But we're working hard to make that much sooner than later. And we'll be communicating about the progress over on the blog. 

    What equipment did you use for Indie Game: The Movie?
    The film was shot with 2 Canon 5DM2s. You can find out more about our gear here.

    How was Indie Game: The Movie funded?

    Indie Game: The Movie was funded through personal savings, preorders and two successful Kickstarter campaigns. Big thanks to all those folks that supported the film early on!