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    This is pretty amazing.  FEZZINE, a zine put toegether by a collection of talented folk that really dug FEZ.  The art looks wonderful - the book even has pop-out pages!!  Check it, and maybe pick one up here.


    IGTM is talking at SXSW!

    Hey Everyone,

    We're going to be at SXSW!  We were asked to come down and give a presentation on the direct distribution/long tail strategies we've employed for IGTM.  We've learned a lot over the past 3 years, and we're excited to be sharing.  

    The presentation will be a jam-packed hour about what we did with the film, why we did it and how things worked out.  In many ways, it's an extension of the 5 part case study we published awhile ago.  If you're an filmmaker with an upcoming project, a distributor or any type of independent artist really, you might want to come and check it out.  Here's the info...

    Indie Game: The Movie - A Direct Distribution Odyessy
    Monday, March 10th
    3:30 - 4:30pm
    Driskell Ballroom
    Driskell Hotel. 
    More info here 


    Directors/producers, Lisanne Pajot & James Swirsky give a first-hand look into 2 years of marketing & distributing their Sundance award-winning feature doc, Indie Game: The Movie.

    Building on their popular online case study, the filmmakers reveal the key strategies behind the film’s successful release & beyond. Topics include: Audience-building, touring, digital releases, merchandising, pricing, piracy and their follow-up project, the Indie Game: Special Edition.

    From crowd-funding through the long tail, this talk reflects the full cycle of direct-distribution from people who did it, and continue to do it…because, well, it never really ends.


    Hope to see you there!  Oh, and if you have specific questions and can't squeeze them into the session, there will likely be an informal get-togther afterwards. Watch our Twitter for details.

    -James & Lisanne


    p.s. Also, we hope to give this talk a few more times before retiring it, stay tuned we might be in your area some time in the future...


    The IGTM Special Edition is Nominated!

    Great news - the Indie Game: The Movie Special Edition has been nominated for outstanding digital documentary at the Candian Screen Awards (think: Canadian Oscars).  We're exceptionally honoured to have the Special Edition recognized in this way.  The original film was nominated last year,  we lost out to Sarah Polley's wonderful 'Stories We Tell'.  But hopefully, second time's the charm and the SE can pull it off.  Either way:  'Completely honoured to be...' :) 

    Big thanks to all who voted, but especailly those that helped make it happen in the first place:  Jim Guthrie, Adam Saltsman, Kym Dophiede, Jon Blow, Phil Fish, Tommy Refenese, Edmund McMillen, Steph Thirion, Jason Rohrer, Derek Yu, Ron Carmel, Alec Holowka, Rich Vreeland, Chris Pointon, Jeff Lindsay, the Area5 guys, Jason Scott, the VHX crew,  the great people at Steam and everyone who supported the film!

    Wish us luck!




    IGTM at the Alamo NYC!

    Dearest People of New York:

    Indie Game: The Movie is showing tomorrow at the Alamo Drafthouse NYC as part of it's Video Game Movie series.  The series is set to compliment the Hudson River Museum's new exhibition The Art of Video Games, which runs February 15 - May 18. 

    We're absolutely thrilled to be part of the series and at the drafthouse.  If you're in NYC and your'e intersested in seeing IGTM on the big screen,  click here for the details.

    Hope to see you there!



    Great news!  Steph Thirion has released ELISS: INFINITY, a follow-up to his iOS game ELISS! 


    One of the very first interviews we did for IGTM was with the very smart, charming and sometimes moustache’d Steph Thirion.  The story of Steph’s game ELISS and his arrival into the world of game development was wonderful; in many ways it served as a pseudo-thesis for the film.  It was a story of someone discovering and being empowered by game design at the absolute perfect time - allowing him to make the thing he wants to make.

    Although the interview never made the final film (a heartbreaking cut to be sure), we were thrilled to include it in the Special Edition of IGTM.  And on the occasion of the ELISS: INFINITY launch, we’d like to share with you the piece we shot a little while back (above) 

    The game is fantastic, definitely go check out ELISS INFINITY over here

    SPECIAL EDITION DISCOUNT:  Also, a reminder, this piece was 5 of 300 extra bonus minutes included in the Special Edition of IGTM.  If you want to check out the rest, use the bonus code ‘ELISS’ to receive 25% off the digital or the super special 3-disc physical editions.