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    Welcome to IndieGame: The Movie!

    This is the official website for our latest project.  The site is brand new and its still kind of learning to walk, but over the next little while its going to be filled to the brim with Indiegame Filmmaking goodness!

    So, to start off... 

    Find out more about the film here.

    Find out more about us here.

    Look for more soon!

    James, Lisanne & BlinkWorks



    IGTM: The Idea

    We were inspired to make this documentary by our experience covering the Game Developers Conference in Spring 2009 and by this short film we made on Alec Holowka of Infinite Ammo in Fall 2009.In producing the short film and attending the conference, we found the individual stories and entire culture of independent developers exceptionally fascinating and compelling. From the perspective of storytelling, gameplay and development process, it seems that some of the most interesting things going on in video games are happening in the indie space.  

    That initial fascination stuck with us, and in early 2010, we explored the idea of a feature length documentary with an initial wave of shooting. We gathered footage at GDC 2010 in San Francisco as well as in Phoenix, AZ, in Santa Cruz, CA and in Winnipeg, MB, Canada (with the indie teams from Flashbang StudiosEnemy Airship,PolytronTeam Meat and Infinite Ammo).

    The results have been extremely encouraging and validating; and has set the stage for the feature documentary.

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