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    Special Edition: Alec Holowka & Derek Yu

    Hey everybody, we're continuing to bring you a glimpse into the Indie Game: The Movie Special Edition.

    The Special Edition will include the feature film, as well as stories from many other game developers, including Alec Holowka and Derek Yu, the team behind the Seamus McNally award winner, Aquaria.

    In the SE, Alec and Derek speak honestly about the challenges of creating a game and discovering its strengths as you go. It's an inspirational story about the creative process and collaboration.

    We also hear from Alec's journey to make his new game, Marian. And, we talk to Derek about his upcoming XBLA title, Spelunky.

    At one point, nearly every piece that will be included with the Special Edition was marked as being in the main film.  This piece in particular was really hard not to include.  Basically, it came down to what is the eternal bane of many filmmakers - time and pacing.  This story needed breathing room to do it justice, and the film needed to be markedly shorter and more quickly paced.  It's cuts like this that make us so thankful that we decided to go all out on the S.E.  It'll be a very good piece :)

    You can Preorder the Special Edition via PayPal or our (soon-to-be-ending) Kickstarter.


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