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    Digital Download Pre-order: Now Available

    Exciting news everybody:  We are now taking digital pre-orders for the film!  You can now order a digital copy of IGTM using the Paypal option on the left hand side.  Please note that this will include only the main film itself and NOT any of the extra features included on the regular DVD or any of the special features found in the Special Edition.

    A Regular or S.E. DVD Pre-order Gets You the Digital Version: 

    When we started this project a year ago, we knew we wanted to have a digital version of the film for people, but we weren't sure how we'd fulfill it. DVD seemed like the only option for pre-orders.

    We’ve since found a solution and can now offer digital preorders.

    But, now, what if you ordered a DVD version over the past year, but you'd prefer a digital version? Our solution:  You'll get both :)

    All DVD and Special Edition Pre-orders sold to date and until the film’s official screening release will get a digital copy free of charge. After this date, digital copies may likely be sold separately.

    Release Dates (Tentative):

    We're hoping to launch and screen Indie Game: The Movie at some festivals and a number special event screenings this Fall.

    Our goal is to release the DVD, the digital download by the end of this year or early in 2012.  

    The Special Edition will be released in early 2012. However, those backers will not be left in the cold and will definitely receive a digital copy when the digital version / regular DVD is released.

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