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    Details on the Details of the Special Edition...

    Hey Everyone,

    We recently received & responded to an email question.  We thought it's likely a common question.  So we thought we'd answer it on this site as well.

    Question:  Any more news on the Special Edition details?  I know you probably get that question a lot.


    Answer:  Not just yet.  But it's a completely valid question.  No worries on the ask.

    Basically, we've narrowed down what is in and not in the actual film.  Which has left us with a ton of possible segments to include on the Special Edition.  We're quite tempted to start listing off the possible special edition pieces right now.  But we're going to wait until we've sat down with the cut footage again and make sure that we can indeed make a proper little piece out of it.

    We plan to announce & describe a Special Edition piece or two a week starting in the summer.  We just want to make sure that what we announce is 100% going to be in the Special Edition.  And right now, we have strong ideas of that, but are not 100%.  

    What I can tell you, is that the Special Edition pieces, from my personal perspective, are just as interesting as the actual movie.  They are all pieces that could have been included if the film took a slightly different direction or was slightly longer.

    We're excited to start announcing things.  And once we get going, there will be a lot of announcements and news coming out.  Just not quite there yet :)

    Take Care,

    James (& Lisanne)


    Of course, for more info on the Special Edition, you may want to revisit this previous post.

    (and of course, the Special or Reg. Edition is available for Preorder here on the site [left hand column]  :)

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