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    Hey Everyone,

    Today Spelunky is released on PC!  The game is the fine work of Derek Yu and Andy Hull.  

    When we were doing interviews for the film, one of the questions we’d routinely ask is ‘what is an example of great game design’ and very often the answer would come back: ‘Spelunky’.

    As many designers told us, Spelunky is an example of random generation done right.  Expertly tuned, crafted and really engrossing, you should check it out & consider picking it up on Steam, Gog or XBLA.

    We thought we’d use today’s occasion to share the ‘Spelunky’ piece featured on the Indie Game: The Movie  - Special Edition

    UPDATE: The Spelunky launch celebration has now passed. You can check out the Spelunky short film that we previewed last week in the Special Edition. The Special Edition is an extra 100+ minutes of epilogues, deleted scenes, short films and content like the piece below.  Read more about it here, or pick it up on our website, Steam or the 3 disc box set (with even MORE content).


    Get Spelunky here & The Special Edition Here.




    Steam IGTM receives DLC, Achievements, Trading cards & more


    Directors' Notes

    Tomorrow we launch the Indie Game: The Movie Special Edition DLC on Steam & our website, in many ways closing the end chapter (for now?) in this three year odyssey of making this film. 

    The Special Edition (SE) started as a relatively modest, upper-tier promise, made to only 25 people, in our first Kickstarter campaign back in May 2010. 

    Over the years (gulp), the film grew in many ways - ambition, scope, success, reach - and the SE felt like it had to keep in step.  It couldn’t simply be a collection of raw footage, some deleted scenes.  It needed, and we wanted it, to be much more. But mostly, the SE needed to do justice to the time, support, money and trust that those early backers invested in us back in 2010.

    We wanted it to be good...really Criterion-type of good.

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