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    Listed! 22 Great Design Movies

    This was super nice!

    Fast Company recently put out a fun list:  THE 22 FILMS EVERY DESIGNER MUST WATCH

    We were super happy (and honoured) to see that Indie Game was included - A lot of fantastic films on there.  They are all available on Netflix, go check them out!  A ready-to-go desgn movie marathon awaits!


    The Loyalty Bundle!

    Just in time for Christmas, we're super happy to be part of something called the 'Loyalty Bundle'.  

    For just $15, you get...

    This is Not a Conspiracy Theory

    Rewind This!

    & Indie Game: The Movie


    If you've purchased any of these films from thier websites, you get the bundle for FREE!

    It's  a documentary film bundle that is not only a great deal - $15 for three great films - but also aims to reward those audience members who bought into IGTM and/or the other films in the bundle early.

    Here's how it works:

    1) If you've never bought any of the invloved movies before, purchase the bundle for $15 and enjoy these great docs.

    2) If you've bought either IGTM, 'This is Not a Conspiracy Theory' or 'Rewind This' via  Go to and claim the films.

    We think it's a pretty cool idea (huge thanks to Kirby Ferguson from TINACT for putting this together).  Hopefully you do to. Check it out here.


    Merry Christmas!


    IGTM Holiday Sale!

    Hey Everyone!

    We wanted to let you know about the sale going on at the IGTM Shop.  Almost everything is on sale (Including the IGTM Special Edition Box Set).

    We know, it's a bit early to do a holiday sale, but we wanted to make sure things got in the post in time for any holiday/Christmas giving that might be going on.

    So, if you were perhaps thinking of gifting a copy of IGTM this season, or if you wanted some physical IGTM for your shelf, wall or body  - now is the perfect time to make that happen.



    Here’s a full list of what’s on sale:

    40% off  Special Edition IGTM DVD Box Set   $59.99  now $34.99
    (learn more about the Special Edition here) 

    50% off  IGTM BLU-RAY (regular edition)   $29.99  now $14.99 

    50% off 
     IGTM GIFT COPY (3 PACK)   $19.99  now $9.99

    50% off  IGTM - Digital Download of the film   $9.99  now $4.99 (use code: HOLIDAY50)
    50% off  IGTM Special Ed. Digital DL (film+SE)    $14.99  now $7.49  (use code: HOLIDAY50)
    50% off  IGTM - Steam Version (full film)    $9.99  now $4.99
    50% off  IGTM - Special Edition Steam Version (full film +SE)    $14.99  now $6.99 

    50% off  Screen Printed IGTM Posters   $19.99 now $10.00
    50% off  IGTM Poster - TWO PACK   $24.99 now $16.99
    50% off  IGTM T-shirts   $24.99  now $12.99


    Binding of Isaac: Origins

    Hey Everyone!

    Crazy to think, but today, Edmund's game 'The Binding of Isaac' turns three!  

    BOI Interview:  To celebrate, we wanted to share a piece that is a part of the IGTM Special Edition.  It’s an extended interview we did with Edmund post-IGTM, post-BOI, in which he shares the origin story of BOI.  It’s a compelling story and some really nice insight into Ed’s creative  process.  Check it out below.

    BOI Rebirth:  Also, super excited news, if you haven't heard it yet.  BOI is getting a remake.   The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth is a wholly new, much-expanded, completely-re-done version of the amazing BOI.

    The game is coming out November 4th on Steam (followed by a ton of other platforms sometime later), and is currently up for preorder here.  Protip:  If you already own BOI, a preorder will get you a 33% discount.

    Want to See More?  And if you’d like it and want to see more, you should consider picking up the IGTM Special Edition, which contains the original IGTM film, plus an additional 130 minutes of short films, epilogues and interviews like this one.  For BOI Fans in particular, there is another interview about BOI Design included in the IGTM Special Ediiton.

    Special Edition Discount:  Use the code ‘ISAAC!’ and receive 50% off the IGTM Special Edition

    Hope you enjoy.

    Now go preorder Isaac! 

    -J & L


    New Commentary Added to SE!

    Earlier this Summer, IGTM turned two (?!)  and to commemorate, Tommy & Edmund did a live, streaming commentary over on Twitch - hosted by the always entertaining Northernlion

    Third Commentary:  This was indeed, Ed and Tommy’s THIRD audio commentary track.  The first was part of the original IGTM release, and the second was commentary on the Special Edition content (both available when you buy the movie).  Each one is absolutely hilarious.  It’s basically, like watching a brand new, much funnier version of IGTM.  And, of course, it’s filled with tons of insight. 

    The anniversary commentary is more of that.  Super fun, funny and info-rich.

    Available Now: We recorded the anniversary commentary, and recently released it as part of the digital Special Edition (available here).  Currently, this audio commentary is only available on, but if you have the Special Edition over on Steam, we plan to include this commentary in the next update as well.

    Above is a snippet of the commentary.  If you already have the Special Edition from this site, it should be available in your account.  If you haven’t purchased the Special Edition, you can purchase it as a bundle with the original movie, or you can simply buy the Special Edition content itself.  

     Again, huge thanks to Northerlion, Ed and Tommy for doing this.