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    Since releasing the film, we’ve heard a lot of stories of people using the movie to show others in their lives why they love video games.   Or using IGTM to explain what they actually do as a designer, programmer, web developer or just creative person in general. 

    People have been going to loved ones, neighbors, co-workers and saying...

    Among other things, IGTM is a 90 minute crash course in the what it feels like to whole-heartedly dedicate yourself to a creative project.  What it means to love video games.  And what it can be like to live a creative life in the age of the Internet.  People want to share this, and we want to help with that.

    So, we decide to make something fun and simple that could make that sharing process a little bit easier...


    The concept is pretty straightforward.  This is a no-frills, gift-able physical DVD copy of the film - completely ready for you to customize and give to your mother, father, girlfriend, boyfriend, grandparents, the woman that lives down the hall, friends of the family that never quite got it.

    Just fill out their name and hand it over.

    The Giftable DVD has the following features: 

    • The full theatrical version of IGTM
    • The full ‘Family Friendly’ version of IGTM 
    • Customizable sleeve packaging, with spaces for 'To:' & 'From:'
    • English, French, Spanish & Portuguese subtitles 
    • No crazy menus, no extras, no digital DL to mess with - just pop it in and press play.

    They are available for $7.99 each or a 3 pack for $19.99.  


    Hope you like it.

    -Lisanne & James

    p.s. This is kind of an odd idea, let us know if you like it.  Also, if you have a story about sharing the film, we would absolutely love to hear about it.

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    Reader Comments (1)

    Una excelente idea. Me gusto.

    July 25, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterJaime Arenas

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