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    Antichamber is released!

    Antichamber:  A Mind-Bending Psycological Puzzle Game, has just been released!  The game has been picking up awards throughout its development, debuted at NUMBER ONE on Steam, and hs garnering fantastic reviews since release.

    Antichamber is the product of Alexander Bruce - who's journey to make the game is as impressive and inspirational as anything seen in IGTM. Big congratulations go out to Alexander - we're super happy for him.  You can read more about Alexander and Antichamber here.  And, of course, you can pick up the game here.

    Antichamber and Alexander have been wonderful early supporters of the IGTM.  If you've watched the film, you may have noticed in the film's end credits, a collection of game clips, interspersed among the Kickstarter Thank Yous.  These were the result of an early, EARLY kickstarter pledge/reward tier back in 2010.  For $300, enterprising and/or super generous independent developers could include a clip of thier games in the end credits.  (In the early days of this project, the resulting funds & support meant a TON for this film).  

    A lot of the games in that end credit roll we're in development when they submitted.  A number have gone on to release, and some are still being worked on.  We've been following Alexander's story and progress since we started IGTM.  If ever there was an Australian leg of the film, he'd undoubtably be included.  The story of Antichamber is one of perseverance, brillance and skillful development & promotion.  

    We're very thankful to Alexander for his support and we're very proud to have Antichamber included in those end credits.  Please go make it worthwhile for him - go get the game!  :)

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