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    Make a Screening Happen in Your Town

    Hey Everyone, 

    IGTM screenings are still popping up all over the globe.  It’s something that we couldn’t be happier about.  While the film definitely works on laptops and television screens - it really works in a theater.  It’s takes on a little extra something.  Plus, we love the idea of the film bringing like-minded people together - it’s a great excuse for a group and assocation meetup.

    Create Your Own Screening:  
    So, with that in mind, we are really happy to announce that Indie Game: The Movie is available on the Tugg movie service.  If you haven’t heard of ‘Tugg’, it’s a pretty cool idea.  Think of it as a Kickstarter for film screenings.  

    How Does It Work?

    Tugg explains it all here.  But in general, if you want Indie Game: The Movie in your town...

    1. You can start an event, which will show IGTM at a specific theater, date & time.
    2. That event will have a minimum # of tickets needed to be sold by a certain date, in order to make it happen.
    3. If the minimum # of tickets is met, the event is a go.  If not, the event doesn't happen and no tickets are charged. 

    Every event does need a person to start and ‘request’ the event.  To do that, you can go here and get it started.

    It’s a really cool system that gets films onto screens that would normally never be available to them.  We’re really interested to see how this works. 

    If you want to set up a screening, let us know and we’ll help promote as much as we can.  If you want to set up a screening outside of Tugg’s theater area (the service is currently only available in certain U.S. cities), email us directly (indiegamethemovie_at_Gmail_dotcom) and we work with you & your organization to get a screening going.

    The film has been showing to packed audiences all year.  It’s a great experience seeing it on the big screen.  If a showing is happening in your area, we would love to see you there!

    Take Care,

    James + Lisanne. 

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