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    Sundance Talking: Q's & Q & A's

    Here's a couple of videos of us chatting up IGTM.

    CBC's Q with Jian Ghmoeshi:  The first is one that we were super excited to do.  We were lucky enough to be invited to be a guest on CBC's Q.  'Q' is a big deal up in Canada.  To give you an idea - it kind of occupies the same Canadian mind-space as NPR's 'This Amercian Life' (though the two are completely different).

    Being invited on 'Q' was a wonderful full circle moment for Lisanne and I.  Early in the production of this film, we were sitting around talking about what 'type' of film we wanted to make.  We started saying in a (half) joking manner:

    "Let's make a smart movie"  

    "Yeah, like the kind of movies they talk about on Q!"  

    "Yeah, let's make a movie that'll get us on 'Q'!"

    "Totally!  We'll make a smart 'Q' movie!"

    Seriously. That is, almost verbatim, what we said 14-15 months ago.  We were being silly, but also serious. Fast Forward to Salt Lake City and there we were.  On stage in front of a live theater audience, chatting up the movie with Jian Ghomeshi (nicest dude in the world btw).  And preceeding Margaret Atwood (another Canadian icon) to boot!

    So here we are talking about our smart 'Q' movie on 'Q'....

    Salt Lake City Q & A:  Someone was kind enough to film and post the Q & A from our third IGTM screening.  I liked this one quite a bit, Tommy gave some great answers.  Fun fact about this one:  As we were doing this, the HBO news hit creating a bit of a Twitter storm.  So if you were wondering where we were during the intial wave of crazy that happened, we were here...

    Big Thanks to 'the69lover69'  (giggles) for posting that!

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    Reader Comments (1)

    Oh my goodness. This q interview was BRILLIANT! James and Lisanne, you hit it out of the park!

    On youtube a while back, I watched Jian Ghomeshi interview a certain band, and the flow was awful. I realize now that that band was just awkward to interview, not the guy. (i'm a california kid, so i'm not in the know about Q).

    Bottom line, I loved his personality, and the speed of the interview was so energetic and fast paced. Excitement levels rising to watch the film!

    February 13, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterSteven Duncan

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