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    IGTM & Year End Lists!

    With 2012 coming to a close, a whole bunch of year-end 'Best Of' and 'Year-In-Review' lists are popping up each and every day.  Indie Game: The Movie has been fortunate enough to land on a fair number of them!  

    It's been kind of crazy and far beyond anything we could have imagined when we started film this project 2 years ago.  Thank you to every one who watched the film, talked about the film and supported the film.  It's mind-blowing to have IGTM make this lists and rub shoulders with some of the best films of the year.  Crazy.

    Indie Wire 
    Top Ten Films of 2012  - Industry Lists
    Dylan Marchetti, Variance Films
    Basil Tsiokos, Sundance Film Festival / What (Not) To Doc 

    Rotten Tomatoes
    Best Reviewed Films of 2012

    30 Amazing Games People in 2012

    Crave Online
    The Ten Best Films of 2012 

    Slash Film
    The Ten Best Films of 2012 

    Best of 2012 -  Documentaries 

    Top Reviewed Documentaries of 2012 

    Utah Film Critics Association
    Best Documentary of 2012 

    CBS 'This Morning'
    The Five Best Films of 2012 (Hon. Mention)

    Ten Cracking Films You Might Have Missed This Year 

    Top Ten Best Films of 2012

    Wired Magazine
    The Top Ten Films of 2012 (that you haven't seen) 

    Top Ten Films of 2012 

    Ten Overlooked Gems of 2012 

    The FilmStage
    Best Documentaries of 2012 

    'These Pretzels...'
    The Best Film of 2012 - Indie Game: The Movie

    Film School Rejects
    Best Documentaries of 2012 

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