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    Get your face in IGTM!

    Hey Everybody!

    Yesterday, we watched our very first rough cut of the film - a very exciting, very strange, but in-the-end-inspiring, experience that we will write about very soon.  

    The building blocks are in place, we just need to make it better, slicker, faster, stronger, etc....  In short:  We're in a good place.

    But, that's not why we're writing.  As part of moving the film forward and creating the visual assets needed to enhance the production, we're asking for your help.

    We need/want pictures and video of you playing games as a kid :)

    Got some snaps of you playing Megaman as an 7 year old?  How about your first Christmas day encounter with Link?  Even teen pics of a Doom all-nighter in front of your old PC?

    Basically, photographic or even better, video/film evidence of your history with videogames is needed.  

    Got any nice pics?  Want to be in our movie?  We'd love to work with them.  If you're down with this idea, and would like to help us out - send them, along with written permission for us to use the material in the film to indiegamethemovie[at] 

    Any additional inquiries can be made at that address as well.

    Thanks in advance for the help!  This should be cool.

    James & Lisanne

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