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    Globe and Mail Talks to IGTM

    Check it out:  We had a nice long chat with the Globe and Mail!  It’s a really beefy article covering a fair bit of ground.  Chad Sapieha, Technology and Gaming columnist wrote some really kind words about the project, including this dream of a quote:

   is both polished and poignant. Interviewees tell frank, heartfelt stories about their lives, inspirations, and creative processes, affirming in a way that no essay or article ever could that their creations are labours of love and works of art.


    We can’t tell you how cool it is to see a reaction like that in print.  It is EXACTLY in line with what we are trying to achieve with this film, and its so encouraging to see that those intentions are getting through - especially when put so complimentary & eloquently.  Make no mistake, that sucka’s going on our front page :)

    But, as flattering as it is, we are far from done, and still have yet to make good on Chad’s generous words.  If there is a 2011 resolution - that’ll be it :)

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