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    “The film delivers, taking us on a journey with regular people pushed to do something different, but equally extraordinary. There is a vibrant, beating heart that powers "Indie Game: The Movie" and will hopefully serve to inspire the many of us who confine ourselves to small places and lock humanity out while struggling and striving to create something beautiful. [A-]

    Possibly the most mature look at video games yet,”

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    Film School Rejects

    “Both video game fans and casual gamers should find this documentary not only interesting, but compelling as you watch these real life stories unfold and experience the various emotions that come with creating something from scratch and then releasing it into the world.”

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    Ain’t it Cool News

    “There are victories, defeats, tears and smiles.

    Indie Game: The Movie is a must-see doc for anybody that fancies themselves a gamer or for anyone who gets sucked into a good underdog story.”

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    “The third act of this film is as tense as any horror movie I’ve seen in the past two years as Team Meat and Fish face down their personal End Bosses.”

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    Geek Tyrant

    “Indie Game: The Movie is a must watch film for anyone who loves the art of video games or is passionate about anything. This is a wonderfully fascinating documentary that any geek would enjoy watching, so I highly recommend watching it when it is released.”

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    Jeff Dixon:  Musings of a...

    “But trust me, as you finish the film you realize there is nothing benign about these games at all. These games are essentially these people’s hearts poured out onto a screen. Truly fascinating and gripping. I highly recommend this film.”

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    The Film Stage

    “The cinematography is gorgeous, creating alien atmospheres from computer screens, video game levels and the real world environments that surround the characters.”

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    Salt Lake Tribune

    “Swirsky and Pajot have created a beautiful and fascinating look into the creative process in a never-been-told medium”

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    MTV: Geek

    “Swirsky and Pajot expertly weave these three stories together into one narrative ... So don't just take my word for it. Check it out and see if this inspires you to devote some blood, sweat, and tears to the world of indie games.

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    "Indie Game: The Movie is definitely worth your time, and should be seen by everyone in the video game industry on the publisher, developer, and consumer sides."

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    The Hollywood Reporter

    “Compelling glimpse into artistic compulsion in video games.”

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    Film Threat

    “Indie Game: The Movie is more than just a film about video games, it’s an examination of the artistic spirit and the latest evolution of independent artist.”

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