EPDaily Reviews Special Edition Blu-Ray
Monday, November 4, 2013 at 2:34PM
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EP Daily recently reviewed the IGTM Special Edition BluRay Boxed Set! Both, Victor Lucas and Scott Jones, gave the Special Edition a perfect score and had some pretty wonderful things to say about the film and the extras. We were blown away by the response!  You can watch the review below...

Huge smiles over here!  

Just in case, the IGTM Special Edition is new to you, here's a few notes about it below...


What Is the Special Edition:
The IGTM Special Edition is a an anthology collection of completely new material.  It is the ultimate version of Indie Game: The Movie.  

Through the Special Edition, find out what happened after, discover new stories & developers and dive deeper into the film than you ever could before.   


Special Edition Blu-Ray vs Digital Version:
The Special Edition is available in two flavours:  Blu-Ray/DVD  &  Digital

•  Blu-Ray: All 300+ minutes of new/bonus content can be found in the limited edition Blu-Ray or DVD Boxed Set.  You can order a copy here.

•  Digital:  A digital version of the Special Edition (100+ minutes of new material) is also available directly from our site, here and on Steam.  You can learn more the Special Edition here.


Limited Quantities Remain:
There have been only 6,000 copies of the Special Edition Boxed Set printed.  They are a signed, limited edition with a lot of physical and content bonuses, and we have under 500 left.  So, if you were ever looking to pick up the limited edition boxed set, you may want to look into picking it up sometime soonish.


Thanks again to Victor, Scott and the EPDaily crew for taking the time to check out the film and all the extra content.  Super glad you guys dug the film and Special Edition!

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