Video: Adam Atomic talks Canabalt
Friday, August 13, 2010 at 3:19PM
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Hey Everyone.

We have a new video that we wanted to share. Back in May we sat down with Adam Saltsman (aka ‘Adam Atomic’ of Semi Secret Software & Flixel fame) while he was grinding away at PegJam. We started the interview with the purpose of fleshing out game jams for a short piece on the event (see here), but we quickly segued into talking about Canabalt and larger gameplay topics.

Early this year, Adam was brought up to Winnipeg by New Media Manitoba to give a day long talk on iPhone development, the App store and, of course, Canabalt. Adam’s a great speaker and easily filled the entire day talking about his App Store experience.

One of the things I walked away with was an appreciation of just how much the simplicity of Canabalt belies the thought and intentional decisions put into it.

Case in point: It’s a one button game, and Adam effortlessly talked for six hours about making it.

So in talking to him at PegJam, we wanted to capture a taste of the conceit that a simple game done well is anything but simple.

Also, in making this video, we wanted to challenge ourselves and see just how far we could take and enhance footage from a single camera, 5 minute conversation, using just our editing wiles and access to the Internet.

And this video is the result...

(Note: We should mention that this is NOT a segment from Indie Game: The Movie. It's just something that we made along the way, that we thought you'd enjoy)

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