Wolfire at Fantastic Arcade
Tuesday, November 9, 2010 at 12:15PM
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Back in September, we stopped off in Austin to talk to a few people and do some shooting at Fantastic Arcade.  A couple of the many fine Indie Game Folk we met, were the guys from Wolfire Games.

They were there to talk about their latest game Overgrowth, and their (very) open development philosophy behind the project.  We were there with cameras in hand and thought we’d record the session and put it together.  We found it interesting and thought you would too.  (The talk is about 20 mins, but John & Aubrey make it go by quite fast).

Now, if you haven’t been to the Wolfire site yet - do it now!  It is staggering, the amount of information & blog posts they put out.  What’s really amazing is the production value & effort put into each post - they do a great job. Very much worth a read.

We had a great time at Fantastic Arcade.  It was a great event, with a tremendous amount of effort and support thrown behind it.  These guys wanted to put on a serious Indie Game showcase and they did exactly that!  Can’t wait for year two. The guys at Wolfire did a really nice recap of the event, check it out here.

Big thanks to Brandon Boyer & Adam Saltsman for the great hospitality and for letting us follow them around.  And we’d like to give a HUGE thank you to Mike Plante for allowing us to run around the Festival filming whatever we wanted, it was great :)

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